Monthly Shoot Guidelines

($5.00 to payout)

100 Targets

($5.00 to payout)

100 Targets

Golf Cart $15.00 each

Shoot will be held on the first Sunday of each month unless it is cancelled or rescheduled by Sun Mountain Gun Club. For the 2024 year, we will be on a European rotation, so shooters can start at any time, but scores must be turned in by 2 PM the day of the shoot to qualify. It is mandatory that there is a minimum of two shooters per squad. No individuals will qualify. Scores will be posted in the clubhouse after each shoot.

Anyone can participate in the monthly shoot, but in order to be 2024 Club Champion and win targets, you must be a member of Sun Mountain Gun Club for at least 6 months and qualify in at least 8 monthly shoots. All Lewis Class winnings will be paid at the following months shoot.

To qualify for Club Champion, we will take the best of 8 scores, unless we have to cancel a shoot, then that number may go down. The shooter that breaks the most targets will be the Club Champion.

All target setters are exempt from winning cash payouts and end of year awards.

$5.00 per shooter will go towards the Lewis Class pay out and will be a 33/33/33 split between Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 based on Sun Mountain Gun Clubs worksheet (top shooter in each group and by score).

Cash payouts must be claimed within 2 months, or they will go back into the pot.

There will be an end of the year payout in clay targets for the top shooter:

  1. Group 1 (1000 targets)
  2. Group 2 (750 targets)
  3. Group 3 (500 targets)

Each group will be given a shoot card with 100 targets per person. There will be 40 additional targets added to each group for 1 view pair per station on sporting clays and 60 view targets added for super sport. No view pairs for true pairs, only singles. Any additional targets needed will be paid for by the shooter.

If you are experiencing breakage, call us immediately and we will come and check the machine.

*Prices subject to change as our costs increase


The Lewis Class System

The Lewis Class system can be used for calculating winners of an event (for awards), or winners of the Lewis Purse (money). The normal Rules for Lewis system are as follows:

  1. When all shooting is completed, list all scores in descending score order.
  2. They are then divided into as many groups as are dictated.
    Methods are: A preset number of groups – regardless of entry amount. We will use our club worksheet.
  3. Since there will often be an odd number of entries and tie scores on the original dividing lines between the groups, the following rules have been established:
    • Where a short group is necessary due to an odd entry list, the short group (or groups) will always be the upper group(s).
    • When an original line is drawn between a number of tied scores, the contestants are re-assigned to the group in which the Majority of scores appear.
    • Where an EQUAL number of ties scores appear on either side of the original line, contestants are assigned to the head of the lower group.
    • If contestants are re-assigned to other groups due to tied scores between original lines, ONLY those groups are affected. The original lines in other groups remain. All money in groups will stay intact, regardless of any reassignment to another group. On the next page we will see how these rules can be applied to an example shoot.